Whimsy brings you a curated selection of refreshingly off-beat & affordable destinations to fuel your wanderlust.

    Our raison-d'être is the following:

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    • Life is too short to sit around wondering where to go next. At whimsy, we uncover those hidden gems for you.
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    • Travel need not cost a fortune, we showcase countless exotic destinations within reach.
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    • Travel should be thrilling, enriching and spontaneous. Don’t over think or over plan, just go.

    We have hand picked every destination on here with the aim of broadening your horizons.

    It is those rare moments when you venture beyond your comfort zone that you are truly living.

    So go on, do something crazy. Discover the world, on a whim.


    Captain's log




    We're new to this and would really appreciate any feedback you might have.

    Whether you'd like to share a hidden gem of a destination for us to showcase, or simply suggest a way of improving our platform, please leave your comments below.



    • Are these prices real? What's the catch?!
    • There isn't one! Our database calculates the cheapest prices for any given route flying out of London.
    • Why is each 'offer' only limited to 1 set of dates?
    • Our system displays cheap flight prices based on a specific outbound and inbound date. If you were to move either of those dates by just 1 day on either end, it could actually double the price. We will be offering alternative dates for each destination soon so hang in there.
    • How have you chosen your destinations? Is it random?
    • Yes and no. Our criteria for choosing a destination takes into account the weather, the price and the 'uniqueness' of the place. We want to showcase incredible destinations that you wouldn't think of going to, or that you may not have even known existed. But there's no point showing you them if the price is astronomical (that would be mean), or if the torrential rain or snow storms would prevent you from enjoying your trip (that would be cruel.) That's where our curation comes in.
    • Are you looking for new content?
    • Absolutely! If you know of incredible places then we’d love to hear from you! We're also looking for travel photographers and writers to submit their work so we can share their stories. Full credits and links to your websites will always be given.

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